Praeliumm commissions

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Request Notes
‣ Please request a simple background if you want one. The default request for commissions is a transparent background.
‣ I can (and usual will) send you versions with and without backgrounds (if you request one).

✔️ Will Draw:
OCs, Fan Art

❌ Will Not Draw:
NSFW, Mecha, Anything outside of my artistic skillset

Payment Notes
‣ Payment is only through Paypal in USD. I charge after a basic sketch is approved of.

‣ For tips, I have my Ko-Fi in the contacts section. I will also allow the option for it when I send the invoice.

‣ If I feel that your given references are too complex, I may charge an extra 10% (minimum). I will let you know if your commission applies.

-Additional characters will vary in price/discount depending on the complexity of the commission.

Bust >> Includes the shoulders, is no higher than the chest
Half >> No lower than the thighs
Full >> Full body


‣ All sketches will be flat coloured
Bust >> $10
Half >> $15
Full >> $25

Line Art

‣ No colours; Colour of the lineart will vary (unless you make a specific request).

‣ Original resolution will vary. I generally do not draw on extremely big canvases.

Bust >> $15
Half >> $25
Full >> $35

Flat Colour

‣ Fully coloured, no shading.

‣ Chibi >> $25
With Cell Shading >> $35

Bust >> $25
Half >> $35
Full >> $45

Full Colour

-You have the option of choosing cell shading or soft shading.

-If you have no preference, there's no default, so it's just however I feel is best for the artwork.

Bust >> $35
Half >> $45
Full >> $60

You can see more artwork:
Art Blog

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